Why you should hire Filipinos for VA tasks

All throughout history the Philippines has been known for their amazing hospitality. Without a shadow of a doubt this is what put the Philippines in the map. The Philippines is home to the kindest people in history and no one can say anything against that; A people that does not retreat on an opportunity to help and to take care of people in need. That fact is confirmed simply by the number of Filipinos working here and abroad in almost all industries from the medical industry, the IT industry, and especially the BPO industry. In this day and age, to be quite frank, who has not met a Filipino?

The BPO scene has started way back in the late 90’s with a few then small companies deciding to take a chance at that Filipino strength. From the industry then being called as the “Call Center” industry whereas the only form of communication was through phones, it has now evolved into a vast process melting pot of a combination of tasks from voice, to email and chat, and to even data processing and medical transcription.

It is with the same brand of hospitality that Filipinos are perfect candidates for Virtual Assistant (VA) tasks. As mentioned above, the number of tasks Filipinos can do for you is limited by your trust. It may not come naturally to them, but you can be sure that they will learn how.

Hiring VAs in the Philippines should be a no brainer. With what is listed above, here are a few more reasons:
Filipinos are also known for being YES PEOPLE; Never backing down in any opportunity. That is probably why the Philippine’s definition of HANDYMAN is way different from the definition of other countries such as the US or UK; In the Philippines, their handymen can really do it all: Carpentry, Electrical, and Plumbing. Whereas in other countries, those tasks are done by 3 separate professionals.

Cost of Living in the Philippines is low compared to other countries like in the US or in the UK. With how much a typical Filipino spends in a year (including utilities and gadgets), they can live off of ¼ of the base rate of what an average assistant earns if they were in the US or in the UK.