Why you should hire a VA

For as long as everyone remembers, we all need help in any shape or from. From someone to open the door for you when you are carrying a load of groceries to as simple as telling you what time it is.

Same goes for our busy lives. It seems that each day just gets busier and busier and that’s normal; To get ahead of the game you must do what others won’t and sometimes, the most mundane of tasks can also take a lot of your precious time which definitely affects productivity.

This is where a virtual assistant (a VA) comes in handy. This VA will do pretty much any and every task that you can hand at them. They will do anything from answering your calls to arranging and organizing your calendar and mail.

Sure, mobile phones and computers can do that too but who has got time to learn new applications just to teach it to do what you can easily instruct a VA to do? A VA is a live person with common sense and problem solving skills already built in. All they need is a little tweaking and they’re practically good to go.

Imagine having to go on a holiday that you’ve anticipated weeks in advance. Your VA would book the flight, make hotel reservations, set email notifications or out of office responses so that all you need to do is take the actual trip. Now, wouldn’t that be a much better experience?

A human is naturally intuitive; much more than how an app would react. Where an app would be black and white, a VA would take a lot of things into consideration before coming up with a definite recommendation. It’s like in the movie “I, Robot” where if the odds were between 7% chance of survival and 33% chance of survival, an app would logically choose the 33% whereas a human would probably still consider the 7%.

Bottomline, a VA will definitely be a great asset. Instead of spending a few hours a day getting your life together, a VA can give you those few hours back allowing you to spend more of your precious time on the things that really matter. Like family or even your business.