Advantages of Working From Home in this Day and Age

Working from home; This has been an ongoing debate for many years now and the world seems to be divided in this aspect but because of this pandemic that has affected virtually everyone around the world, that divide is slowly shifting to in-favor of working from home.

Aside from the sheer convenience of not having to worry about being late for work everyday, here are a few other useful reasons why working from home is a good option.

Overhead Expenses – On your daily commute, there are way too many “little” things that you would pick up on the way that add up: cigarettes, a newspaper, a bagel from your favorite spot. Not to mention the actual cost of your daily commute whether it is the cab fare or that train ticket, transportation is not particularly cheap.

You get to sleep in a bit longer – Imagine swapping in your 1 hour commute with a few more minutes in bed or a little more time spending talking to your SO or your children or furbabies.

Food Options – Instead of getting a quick bite on the way to work and question its nutritional value, you have enough time to prepare an actual meal and have enough time to actually think about it.

Clothing, optional – Working while being in your most comfortable pajammas has got to be the best feeling in the world. I’m sure you’ve fantasized reporting to work in your PJs once or many times.
The ones listed above may be good and all but the real advantage of working from home are:

Social Distancing – We’ve heard this phrase being thrown around many times. Though not a lot of us agree with it being unnecessary, it would be much better not to risk it and just stay at home. The common consensus is not whether you would catch it but whether you would be a carrier and potentially affecting those around you.

More productivity – Being able to sleep in a bit longer energizes your body a bit more thus giving you more fuel in the tank when tackling the task at hand.

Flexibility – Though some us would rather be on a fixed schedule, there are way too many instances when certain emergencies need to be addressed and having a flexible schedule allows you to do that without sacrificing your work hours.

Work Anywhere, Everywhere – Downtimes are hard especially when you are on a roll and suddenly the internet goes down and it has happened one too many times at work but since you are at your home, you have that option to hop on your car and drive to the nearest Starbucks to leech from their internet to submit that file in time for the Zoom meeting this afternoon.

This pandemic has crippled a lot of us. Having the option to work from home ensures that your finances are continuously being met and your sanity stays intact.